Jesse Royal

Jesse David Leroi Grey, aka Jesse Royal, was born April 29, 1989. He enjoyed his early years in the hills of Maroon Town and the District of Orange in St. James before moving in the late 90’s with his mother and brother to join his father in Kingston.

As fate would have it, Royal developed a special relationship with Daniel ‘Bambaata’ Marley (son of Ziggy Marley) at school. His friendship with Daniel proved to be fuel to the fire as they shared a deep passion for music and football. Their friendship evolved as they spent a great part of their childhood together. Soon the natural inclination confirmed they were simply brothers with different mothers. As these cubs became lions so grew their devotion to music. With the help of longtime friend Curt ‘Qban’ White they began composing and creating their own music. And together they proceeded to fulfill what they knew was a predestined musical journey, designed to inspire, engage and unite people beyond all geographic borders.

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ReBelle is a skilled and seasoned band with high profile touring experience in West Africa, across the United States, and an immense capacity to connect with live audiences wherever they perform.  They are gentle insurgents, fueled by vision of justice.

In their music and their lives, Rebelle is an intergenerational and intercultural band from Africa and America. The Rebelle story is rich in a foundation of love and powerful musicianship. ReBelle came together when Kalpana Devi and Emmanuel Manou first joined creative forces performing, recording, composing, and touring together in 1994.



CatchaVibe is an original world reggae band from Maine. Creating a fusion of world rhythms, island sounds and deep grooves that breed dancing frenzies at colleges, festivals, weddings, dance halls and events throughout the northeast region of the USA.

They have performed with many national and international artists including Sister Carol, New Kingston, Stick Figure, John Brown’s Body, Iration, Soul Rebel Project and Spiritual Rez.


Green Lion Crew

At the controls of a potent dancefloor experience that draws from reggae dancehall, hip hop and the synthy beats of urban electro, producer/DJ Green Lion is a sonic craftsman at home both on the decks and in the studio. Honed in the heated atmosphere of Jamaican sound system culture and a constant schedule of live club and concert dates in the United States, all Green Lion productions–on record, over the air or live and direct–are energetic affairs designed to set bodies in motion.


Heavy Manners Sound

High grade reggae dancehall music.

No Wolfpack & The Professah